a not so quiet weekend in KL

It was only a 2D1N trip to KL. Too short? Well, it was just nice for a break. We went there for food and nothing else. Although there were many sales going around at 70% off, for those who knew Skazeisk well enuff, we weren’t the shopping type.
We took an executive coach to and fro. Either way, never believe what the bus agents told you. For both trips, we did not alight the buses at the agreed stops. What are the buses we took? Konsortium from Spore (we ended up at Berjaya instead of Pudu) and 707 from KL (we ended up at Sungei Road instead of Beach Road). We did not drive simply because we did not want to tire ourselves, or you can say we’re just plain lazy.
And so we walked and took monorel, tren, rapidkl etc everywhere. It was like a short amazing race. 700m walk. 800m walk. The heat was bearable. By the end of the two days, we had leg cramps. The wifey lasted the whole two days in heels despite her clumsiness. She did not want to feel like a dwarf amidst the giants. She was the shortest.
Stayed at Crowne Plaza. Nice. Wanted to find Ayah & Co who were in KL but with our lack of sense of direction, naah. Where did we go?Went Bukit Bintang, Pudu, Berjaya and KLCC. Baba got his wish to eat at The Loaf, Mahathir’s bakery @ Pavillion Shopping Centre but not without walking the whole stretch of Bukit Bintang. We tried asking around where was it but to no avail. In the end, the wifey googled it using her trusted N73.
However, the two days did not pass quietly. We were witnesses to several unfortunate events. The first was at KLCC, three purses were gone in a matter of minutes. We were standing at MNG next to Primavera when it happened. The sales people of Primavera panic and ran in all directions to find the culprit but alas to no avail. Poor them, they had to pay for the missing items.The security did not help.
Next was at the newly opened Pavillion Shopping Complex. We were at The Loaf when it happened. Mama was at the cashier when she was pushed by a girl running away from the security guard and house detective. There was a commotion. Lucky Mama did not fall. The girl ran passed us, the gawking audience.
A drama soon unfolded. The house detective managed to grab her wrist while the security guard tried to get a female colleague to the scene. The girl did not look local. Young, pretty, trendy & well dressed. She was biting the house detective’s hands while most of us just went ooos…aahs… Come on, we tried very hard to cheer the detective on. A fellow passerby managed to capture the scene via his 3G phone (look out for it in youtube soon).
5 long minutes later, a female security guard sauntered into the scene. So casual, no sense of urgency. Plus, she looked like your typical makcik. We were apprehensive. The troop went inside the complex and we did not know what happened subsequently. Mama later told us the girl shoplifted a few bras. Mama felt the cost of the bras in KL were too expensive at RM79.90-89.90 a piece. Kasihan.
Last but not least, the wifey witnessed a couple making out in a small cubicle at Ancasa Hotel. We went to Ancasa Hotel, at Pudu to tumpang solat at the surau. The wifey had fond memories there when it was named Impiana previously as she had stayed there before with her frens (cake & co). She happily went to the toilet before going to the surau to answer the call of nature. It’s not apt to describe what exactly happened cos this blog is rated PG. Enough to say, it was gedebak-gedebuk all the way.So peeps avoid Ancasa Hotel at all cost. The club there is very the happening and is at the same level as the surau. How apt.
So there you have it, our not so quiet weekend in KL. For more photos, do check out our Helter SkAlter http://skazeisk.multiply.com/photos/album/22.

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