Raya goodies

Today was spent on buying goodies for the coming Raya. Thanks to my Friday prayer’s friends, yesterday we went to this place called Seng Hua at Defu lane to check out the warehouse that sells kerepekz, keropokz, nuts, crackers & sweets at low cheap prices. After scouting through their prices, we agreed it was a good place to shop for goodies. The place was relatively quiet with only a few customers and we thought it was not well known by many.

So today, the wifey & I decided to drop by the place. To our astonishment, the place was packed with makciks and pakciks, all grabbing boxes of kerepekz, keropokz, sweets, etc. It was as though they were opening a shop of their own….so much for supposedly finding a cheap place to shop not known to many….

Anyways, we were soon joining the chaotic shopping just like everybody else in the shop. Before we realised it, our car was filled to the brim. So much for planning a low key Raya….imagine if it was otherwise.I’d probably need a van.


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