What a difference a week makes…..

Got a big shock yesterday upon return to work after a week out!!!  Yep, I was away from work for a week. I got ill on the last day of my training last week and had 2 days MC which meant I was out for Thursday & Friday too, after attended a 3-day training since Monday. What illness you might ask? Well, it’s the same ol’ diagnosis from the doc – upper respitory tract infection.

Anyways, as for the “BIG SHOCK” I mentioned earlier,DGM called me into office after lunch to supposedly discuss about some costing issues. He started with the costing issue but how it ended blew me away. Somewhere in the middle of the conversation, the discussion led into the direction of a new assignment, new task, new appointment, new DEPARTMENT…….
With effect from 01.10.07, that’s what is going to happen to me! Apparently, the decision has been made and blessed by GM last week….so sometime last week while I was giving CPR to a dummy, my fate changed its course. So help me God in this new challenge, even if I did not manage to revive the dummy.

Despite everything “new”, certain things remained such as the workplace, the colleagues, the computer, the CRT monitor (aaahhh…when is my LCD coming????) and obviously the $$$. By the way, my new appointment acronym is BDE (not “Best Doink Ever”) …   

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