quirky couple on leave

The quirkiness of this blog has been declining since almost 2 months ago. Quite a few significant things occurred during that period but the daily activities of the husband & wifey have sapped away our energy to update our blog. Thank God for Ramadhan that we have found renewed energy to update our fellow Skazeiskians of our recent happenings….Well actually, I am on course for these couple of days and will be starting work late..THAT’S the actual reason for being able to blog….;o). In August, we celebrated the hubby’s birthday by taking a day OFF from work and enjoying the morning with Mc D’s HOTCAKES!!!! It’s been a long time since I had some “PANS”…and my God, it was wonderfully delicious…mmmm with honey syrup toppings…of course not to mention that it was free since the wifey paid for that day’s expenses!!! We then went for the “MOST EXPENSIVE MOVIE TICKETS” at GV VivoCity. What better way to celebrate your birthday than going for an expensive movie experience? It was really a red carpet treatment – ushers at the front door, cosy seats, blankets, food brought to you, designer toilets …aaahhh, that’s life. If some of you are wondering what was the birthday present I got? Haziq will be able to tell you…;P The following day, we celebrated with my family at WAROENG PENYET. It was recommended by BABA. He sure enjoyed the most as compared to the rest of us, sipping away his SUP BONTOT till dry. Personally I thought the food tasted better than AYAM PENYET #$%. I ate the EMPEL PENYET which became my auto selection each time I visited WAROENG PENYET. Notice I mentioned “each time” ? Yup, after that night with my family, we ate there again for 3 times soon after. Twice with Herman & Diana and once with them (again) and Ayah & Ibu. Obviously by the 3rd time we were there, Herman and I conversed extremely well in Bahasa Indonesia, dong….Well, that’s the update for now…time for me to wash up and get ready for my First Aid refresher course!!! Ciaos, Skazeiskians!!!!


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