Post Avillion

Alhamdulillah, Ayangz & Skazeisk got back from our expedition yesterday evening. We could have reached Singapore much earlier if not for the heavy downpour. We had an enjoyable time at Avillion, swimming, eating, karaoke-ing, PSP-ing, etc. The wifey though, claimed to hear sounds of “itik” tapping on our bedroom window on the first night. The hubby…..well, JUST SLEPT!!!!! I mean, what else can be expected, we were sleeping in a villa stretching out to the sea. Those “itik” sound makers usually flies around that area, I guess. Not to mention, a bat somehow got into our villa even though the windows were closed. So if in the Malay context, the “itik” sound was of the “pontianaks”, then in the English context, the bat was an omen that it could have been a “dracula”. However, in the world of Haziq & Batrisyah, the bat also means Sesame’s Street Count Dracula….four, five, six, “seben”…hehehe.
So anyone wants to join the next Avillion expedition?
Avillion 2007



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