Expedition: Avillion 2007

The original title for this posting was supposed to be Expedisi: Hidup kembalikan M.A.Y. However, since wifey has a heart-burn with the implication of the title, being the obedient hubby that I am, I compromised…;)

Anyways, counting down to 2 more days before Skazeisk & Ayangz hit the road to our weekend getaway. On the way there, surely there will be efforts untuk “HIDUP KEMBALIKAN M.A.Y.” Hahahaha…..Lots of Rock Kapakz music will be in the air stretching from Punggol to P.D.

Of course, like any other normal expedition, there are areas of concerns that need to be addressed. Particularly for this coming trip, the followings are of my personal concerns:

1. What songs to save in my 1G thumbdrive for the trip?
2. Should I wear my contacts?
3. Who’s driving first? Or will there even be a choice?…;)
4. Which couple will get which rooms?
5. Will the tranquility of the sea be disturbed by Haziq’s ” Eh, ader moon ah? Eh, ader setar?”

But most importantly,




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