Zapping & Pampieing…

Went to mustafa’s – to wifey’s surprise, hubby bought Uzap ($214).
What for? Kononnya untuk sang wifey yang sememangnya ingin kurus.
Yup, kononnya. Then we went home.
However, upon reaching home, wifey sensed something was amiss.
Hubby was the one who was very excited and he tried it.
Til now, he is still zapping himself. Wifey?! Tertipulah rupanya.
Uzap is actually hubby’s newest toy.
By the way, we already have a Upampie – hubby punya juga.
And people say, women are high maintenance.*roll eyes*

note: would have put up a video of Is zapping his way (thighs, butt, back etc) but too much of a good thing would be bad. betulkan hubby dearest? ;o)


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