Just ramblings sans photos

It’s been awhile since we last blogged. What have we been up to? Catching up with sleep over the weekend. Nevertheless, skazeisk managed to sneak in a late nite supper @ carousel cum wee morning shopping at Wak Mus till 4am courtesy of Ayangz invite (before Man’s injury).

Skazeisk bought ourselves swimming gear since the hubby now needs to go for water therapy for his back injury. Hmmm, since we last recalled, we have yet to find a suitable swimming pool for our lovely bodies.

Skazeisk also celebrated Adik’s birthday (hubby’s 2nd brother) with mama, baba and udin during the weekend at hubby’s favourite all time place “Ah beng”.

In the meantime, skazeisk are now packing up to prepare ourselves for a spring trip to where east meets west next month for 10 days. Skazeisk feel like having Iskender many many. It’s going to be a lot of see-see and eat-eat.

We have booked the tix over the weekend during the NATAS fair (somehow, we managed to drag ourselves out of the bed and made our way to Suntec). We had a trip list – Tokyo (nah, banyak babs nanti), New Zealand (did not get desirable flights), Maldives (hmmm, sun, sea and me…hubby says NO! Plus, there is Redang in June, cheaper @ S$115 per pax). India (now too hot), Morocco (more expensive) & Turkey (yes/no, within budget ke tak?).

So with a trip at hand, sorry hubby dearest, new car will be put on hold unless rezeki datang bergolek. So hubby just has to continue to eye the Rav4 or Murano from afar.

Talking about new cars, skazeisk was asked to tag along ayangz on their car shopping trip recently. Ayangz, as many of us have known by now, have managed to increase their brood amidst their constant saying two is enough. Thus, it was only duly justified that they need to get a new and bigger car. So off we went on a car hunt. The hubby tried his luck to persuade the wifey to see the need for a new car. However, the wifey being the scrooge does not see a need for a new one. Wants shall not be confused with needs.

The farnie thing is every time, hubby dearest asked a salesman how much the car which he wanted is, they would just frown and garbled some numbers, trying to imply hubby dearest could not afford it. Poor hubby because he is getting such remarks which are usually received by the wifey! Gasp! Now we both look cheap. But then again, we’re both not rich anyway in the first place.

To cut a long story short, the current car will continue to be of service to us despite many hiccups.

Any more updates? Nah, that’s about it for now.


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