The story of Mama, Baba & "Samy"…

Today, we went on a carpet shopping spree. Ever since our carpet got burnt literally during our house-warming, we’ve been looking around for new carpets. However, those that we came across were either ugly or expensive. When Baba got to know of our predicament, he recommended us to his old pal Samy who worked at Vipin, Arab Street. Baba said Samy could give us good price for nice carpets.

So today we paid Samy a visit with Baba & Mama. True enough, the prices were much lower than any of those that we have encountered (Geylang, IKEA, Shopping Malls,etc). Samy said, “Other shops cut throat!”. Baba was actively choosing a carpet for us. The carpet that we bought for our dining was one of Baba’s favourite designs. On the other hand, Mama was blatantly lying about my financial status in order to get Samy’s sympathy. However, Samy’s boss was having none of it and pleaded to Mama not to lower the offered price.

Skazeisk opinion of the prices charged by Vipin is actually already reasonable even before much discounts. With Mama & Baba around, no proce is ever low enough and they finally agreed on the best price.

End of story, instead of buying just a dining carpet, we even bought one for the living room in preparation for the coming HARI RAYA. So if any skazieskians wanna get the best carpet deals, come to Vipin but ensure that Mama, Baba & Samy is around.


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