Down memory lane

Back then, we’re college mates, same faculty, combi, same classes, shared a CCA but throughout the two years in TP, not a word was exchanged. We’ren’t lovers, friends nor admirers, just familiar faces to each other. Now, 10 years later, we’re on our way to celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. Goodness gracious us, dun worry everyone, there won’t be a kenduri held to celebrate the anniversary. From left, Kahar, Hubby, Sabariah, Rozi, Sharulhana, Budiman, Adil, Wifey, Sharifah, Marhaini & Zulfakri. Yes, we were in MCS, JK some more. Semangat Melayu sey…those were the days before Hubby renounced his race to be a Latino…ya rite. Hubby was in public relations (head some more…*roll eyes*) while Wifey was in treasury. Back then…little did we know, we would be together one day as hubby dearest & the wifey…

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