when hubby was away…

Yup, hubby went to ukraine the week after wifey’s birthday. Hubby was happy but wifey wasn’t.So what did the wifey do this time round? Mope? Yup but more like constructive moping. Wifey went for a screenwriter course organized by MDA and some adobe workshops on CSS. How diverse can the two courses be? Well one talks about the artistic voice in me while the other talks about programming codes. The best thing about courses are that they are held in hotels. I simply lurve the Gallery Hotel where the screenwriter workshop was held.The service was great and being a boutique hotel, it did manage to bring out the arty farty…or somewhat in me. For a week, I indulge in frivolous ideas and thought of myself as a hollywood screenwriter. At the same time, managed to catch up with Norlin, Flo & Wanting. I also managed to change the car’s battery with the help of the chevy guy. Frankly, I don’t care if I have to pay more if it means convenience. Hubby dearest wasn’t happy when he got to know about it but hey, what’s a lonely gal got to do when the car battery fails on her, pick up the phone & call the mechaniclah. So what did hubby got for wifey from ukraine? A small exquisite chocolate piece saved by hubby when he was dining ala business class. How sweet? Smuck alas, it was only a piece whereas he bought a box of exquisite chocolates for his fav biras or only biras, MAN…aaargh!

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