Kita serupa….

Story goes that in this world, there are seven people, unrelated by blood, bear uncanny resemblance to one another. I have found one of them after catching “Ghost Rider” last night with the wifey. Although the wifey begged to differ, I secretly think she might have harvested some fantasies of me being Nicholas Cage.
If it is true, I would not mind at all. Actually, I take that as a compliment. Did you see his physique in CONAIR? If you missed it, you can get another glimpse of his six-pack hot bod in the movie “Ghost Rider”. I used to have that kind of bod myself….that was before the “ACCIDENT”, if you catch my drift…hehehe. Anyways, for those who have doubts that I really look like Nick, see picture above. Barring the lesser hair I have on my head, I am more than convinced that I am the Singapore version of Nicholas Cage. I have hairy chest too…;)

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