hiatus – kerumpangan

It’s been quite sometime since we last blogged. What has been going on? Well, hubby dearest is supposed to be updating the blog soon. However, he’s busily taking naps in between to recharge. After all, this weekend will be a long one. So in the mean time, the wifey will update the blog from her perspective on what she has been up to lately. First, on 26th January, she’d turned 28! She would like to take this opportunity to the following peeps.*Drum rolls please*
1. Hubby dearest – for taking time off and spent a long weekend with me SHOPPING! Thanks for the bags albeit there weren’t LV. Hubby dearest said LV designs weren’t creative and unique enough for wifey so wifey gets to save her birthday money. 2.Sister dearest (the pregger one) – for the watch & promise will make sure it will still work after more than 3 months?! 3. Mummy dearest for the birthday hamper. Because of you, others think purple is my favourite colour. Hehe, thank God, purple is sooo IN this season. 4.Ayah dearest for the voucher & the birthday treat. Have yet to go shopping but will once the shops reopen post CNY. 5. Sister & Bro dearest for the bodyshop spa set. Buy some more ok. Hubby and wifey loike a lot. *glint in the eyes*.6. Mama dearest & udin for the wishes and gifts. 7. Sharon & Jothy for announcing to the whole office my birthday and getting everyone (bosses inclusive) wishing/smsing me. Oh ya, did I forgot to thank you guys for the unmentionable gifts.Thank you also for the early birthday celebration planned with the 2 most fav guys in office – Yup we cut a chicken for my birthdae. 8.People in office for the wishes. 9. Rauda, Norlin, Florence,Cake, & Rufaihah for texting me.It was touching. 10.Bibik madura dearest for the hip brooch. 11. Judy – my favourite all time Nyonya for delivering an apple pie with orchids to office. Miss you, Joo. Before Hubby, there was Ng Kay Joo. That pretty sums up the wifey’s 28th birthday celebration.


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