Fantasies are made of these

Wow, i must commend hubby dearest for really updating. No joke since sleeping is his no 1 all time favourite past time. Hubby dearest Nicholas Cage?! Hmmm, I wonder who’s fantasizing? Really…ooops, I have hurt his ego. Macho Nachos. Adios Amigos. Oklah hubby dearest, I relent, I must be one lucky lady to have Spore’s Nicholas Cage with me all night. As long as he’s no ghost rider, I’m pretty much smuck. By the way, Ghost Rider is one hell of a B grade superhero movie. Eeeww, very the cheesy. To all, please save your dollars, you can always catch Nicholas Cage at Punggol 190, with his wifey, Eva Mendes lookalike. Did I mention, we are both disillusioned people?

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