Blog catch-up

After a long delay in updating this blog, wifey & I decided to use this long weekend break to catch up on our blogging.
Seems like a few skazeiskians too have had enough of waiting on updates on “Forever quirky” and tagged their opinions on the blog. Not to imply that we had no news to tell, it’s just that both of us had been busy with other parts of our lives.

As you may have already read in today’s earlier posts, hubby will be giving his perspectives of the “happenings” between 7 Jan & 18 Feb. It’s been quite a month with birthday celebrations for wifey & her younger sis, my youngest brother and a business trip to Ukraine….yes…Ukraine. What in the world would I have to do there?

It’s a business trip. We have a repair facility in Kiev and we had to visit them, giving them some pointers on how to kick-off their improvement programs. We spent about 5 days there, well actually 3 days as the other 2 were mainly spent on travelling.

Albeit the 14 hours flight from Singapore to Kiev, the trip was an experience. Lufthansa gave excellent in-flight service. The food, lounge, seat, entertainment,etc…perhaps next time, i will bring wifey to share the experience.


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