A day of decadence…

Okay, pardon the non-chronological order of events posted here but I assure you that after you’ve read this post, you will understand why i did it this way.

The picture aboved is supposed to be a pictorial summary of what the hubby did with the wifey on her 28th birthday.

Not exactly morning but we had brunch at Thaksin Beef Noodle stall located at Changi Terminal 2 foodcourt.

It was the wifey’s favourite dish and so she had her dining wish on her big day.

We went to Tampines Mall to check out for new handphones. Both of us intended to trade-in our phones. Gez wat….it was me who actually got the trade-in.As for the wifey, she is still stuck with her Motorola. The wifey’s perspective: “It is my birthday but I did not get a new phone!How come it’s you who got one?”

Enough to say that she wasn’t very pleased. I sent her to ibu’s place while I went for my prayers. Then, we went to IKEA Tampines for a mini-shopping spree.

Went downtown in search of her presents. We shopped at TANGS, DFS Orchard, Apple Centre,etc. She was puzzled at the amount of energy I had going round town looking for her presents. Normally, I would be pestering her to go home in an hour’s time. But not that day, it was her BIG day.

In the end, she settled for 2 bags at TANGS. Only because I felt the design of the LVs and the COACHs and the what-have-you’s were not attractive. I still could not understand why people pay high prices for a bag covered with the letter Ls, Vs, Cs, Gs, etc. C’mon people, let’s get creative!!!

Had dinner at EATZI eastpoint and then headed home. What happened after that……is never going to be told…:)
Saturday Evening:
Met up with the rest of the family and had dinner at the ever famous CAFEELA. Her sis, Diana, gave her a watch (the last i saw, it was not functioning very well) and Ayah gave shopping voucher.

After dinner, we went to Aiman’s place to catch ASEAN CUP match between Singapore & Malaysia.

After the match, we went back home.

If you are still wondering what the TAMIYA race car at the background picture has got to do with Zetty’s birthday celebrations?

It was meant to be the equivalent to what Datuk K gave Siti on her birthday, a black merc. Hmm, a black merc vs a TAMIYA car is a justified comparison of Datuk K’s wealth vs mine.

So what? At least I am not associated with batang buruk…heheheh…

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