One day trip to KL

This was meant to be a quick & short trip to KL for a wedding reception, very much like their toll system – Touch n’ Go. However, the events that took place after we passed the 2nd link checkpoint was far away from it.

We took the Konsortium bus to KL. Firstly, the aircon system broke down after we left Golden Mile. My Dad actually pointed out to the driver that the aircon duct above him was leaking but the driver claimed it was normal while the bus is stationary. Little did we know it was a sign of worse things to come.

After we passed the Malaysian checkpoint, and oh by this time the temperature in the bus was rising and it reminded me of the song “It’s getting hot in here (so hot) so take off all your clothes …” by Nelly. But wait a minute, I was with my parents and aunt…thay are not exactly the hottest people around (Udin included), if you know what I mean…hehehehe… Anyways, it didn’t help that the WIFEY was getting bored and started to disturb ME.

Secondly, due to torrential rain, the road conditions gave way to WATER PONDING and our journey to KL took longer than expected.A normal journey takes about 4hours by bus but we took a whooping 7 HOURS to reach Sungei Besi only. If you skazeiskians know me well enough…you would have guessed it right….I slept for most parts of the journey. In fact, I think I had more sleep on that day as compared to a normal Saturday at home.

By the time we reached the wedding venue, people were already clearing up the area except for the MEJA PENGANTIN. So the 6 of us were invited to a feast fit for PENGANTIN minus the costume & kompang. As we were feasting, we got entertained by my distant relatives who were either cracking Malaysians jokes or horny cornice jokes (eh..cakap cornice tu betul2…jgn salah sebut).

We left the place by 645pm, bid farewell Kumar-style by my Malaysian relatives and took a NICE coach home.

Thanks to Herman, who happens to be my favourite biras…errr..actually he is my ONLY biras for picking us from Copthorne and back to Punggol at 1 am.


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