24 episodes Goong Marathon

The last weekend was burnt by watching Princess Hours (Goong), a Kdrama. The wifey started on her marathon on Friday after work and the whole 24 episodes (each episode subdivided into 7 10min parts) ended on Monday morning at 1am.
Gosh.Omigawd.What telah happened? Where is the hubby? Well, hubby dearest was resting the entire weekend. Thus, wifey logged on the computer, go to youtube and watched the whole series not on VCD but on the net, thanks to kind souls who have uploaded the entire episodes with english subtitles somemore.
For those people who know the wifey, yup she is very the kemut, that she wouldn’t be caught spending on a pack of 24VCDs which cost $29.90. But then again, hubby dearest pointed out that watching the episodes on the net isn’t entirely free too. Ah, nevermind, sometimes what the eye doesn’t see, the pocket doesn’t hurt.

Anyway, hubby dearest is not happy with wifey devoting time to Kdramas. No more sulking wifey. Hmmm, shouldn’t hubby dearest be happy that the wifey has something to occupy herself and not bother hubby who wants to watch EPL? Hmmm, ok-ok I will watch EPL with hubby dearest *eyes rolling*. Heheh hubby dearest misses the wifey’s company watching EPL kot.
Coming back to the Goong the Kdrama, it’s a must see, especially for those who are romantics at heart. It has a little bit of everything and the actors are simply telegenic. Sigh.
Hmmm, what should I watch next?

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