The world needs more cheerleaders!!!

My dad is someone who doesn’t talk a lot but he does a lot. I hope to be like that. If we have nothing better to say, might as well we keep our mouth shut. What’s the point? The world is already full of unhappiness, why do we need to add it on by hurting others unnecessarily?In addition to that, stop being sour grapes; definition by Webster: disparagement of something that has proven unattainable.

As I grew up, I believe everyone did too, went through life meeting people who break their spirits. Well, we can choose to break or make it. Personally, due to my so called “harmless” personality, a lot of people find it easy to say things to hurt me because I don’t simply argue with them. I just smile. List of hurtful things include “I don’t think you have what it takes to be successful”, “I don’t think you’re cool”, “I think you’re obit”, “I don’t think you’re smart” , “I don’t think you can be a leader”, “I think you’re lembik”, “I think you’re a selenge” and yada-yada. It is so easy for people to discount others as I guess it takes lesser brain cells to do it. Plus, it must have been sad for them because they needed to discount others in order to make themselves feel better. Ooooo, I soo feel for them. God enlighten them please.

It is interesting to note that people who discount others don’t happen to be happy people. I have interacted with people who are successful in their own area who are really down to earth. Not a surprise, they are all God loving people too. Believe in yourself because only you can make or break your life with God’s will, not others; be it in working and family life. Have patience and be resilient.

It also helps if you have the support of your loved ones. My biggest supporter in my life is my own dad. For that I thanked him. He would always remind me that I can do it and to go for it; even though I myself at times don’t think I can make it. Now I have another cheerleader to add on, my hubby. People can give advice but just make it constructive.

The world needs more cheerleaders to inspire and cheer others on. No matter how small the success of others to you, but it sure means a lot to that one person. We should learn to celebrate others’ joys and encourage them on. The success of others is ours too. Share and spread the happiness around. Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you be surprise that if you’re a good person, you don’t cry alone. Thus, be there for others and others will be there for you. Utopian mentality, you may think but hey it works. I am an idealist, that I can’t deny. Amen.


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