It means – surprise.I hope my life will be filled with wonderful surprises.That’s me, always living in a world of hope and fantasies.The list just goes on: hope for a slimmer me, a religious me, a smarter me, a successful me ecetera. Maybe i should stop wishing and start working towards it. Alas, will it ever materialize??? Oh boy, notice the me in the sentences…I am sooo self-centred.Duh.Good grief.No wonder hubby cannot take it.;o)

I’ve decided to take up writing the blog as a form of talking to myself since hubby is not around. I miss him terribly. Double duh. Hence the frequent postings nowadays. Haha, the rest of you better start wishing for Is to come back. For the time being, at least, i get to let off what’s ever bothering in my mind. Perhaps straightening out my thoughts. I do admit, i worry a tad too much…maybe there are not much problems,or heck not even a problem.

I think i think too much. I also think i talk too much. Triple duh, that’s an understatement of the year. Had my end of year work review yesterday, it was great. So how did the boss reward me, yup he promised me next year with more work and responsibilities. My heart just sank deeper.*eyes lolling* There goes my wish to kheng next year…

Recently, mid year, I got a call from an independent school (the one dekat rumah mak ngah) offering higher pay but the clause is I have to resign from the current ministry. Yikes, I can’t cos I am still bonded. One more year to go. Told them maybe end of next year, they can call again if there is still vacancy. They must have thought I was being haughty but I was very sincere. My statement was met with a snide remark, “You want to reject (school name) offer?! You think easy to get is it?!”I just sigh, smile and say, “sorry hor, me cannot”. With that bye…bye…

So what’s next for me? Going back to school with bigger responsibilities just doesn’t entice me currently. Lateral transfers mean more heart pain as I have to brave more bitches along the way. I am not ambitious but I get bored very easily. My five year plan is coming to an end soon…Time to revamp the masterplan!

P.S: As much I believe in surprises, preparedness does help to ease bad surprises.


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