the great income divide

One of my colleagues, typical sporean, happened to ask me what’s mine and hubby’s household income. Initially, I was apprehensive to giving out such information to people whom I’m not close with. Thus, I asked her…why did she want to know. Well, she was having problems coping with hers and tubby hubby dual income…mind you my eyes rolled when she generously shared that it totalled out to $12k. So yours truly blurted out that ours was less than $10k but yet we are ok. This information of mine was then met with a remark or more like a question, “wah…you are in the low middle income group leh…and you’re happy?” Here is a colleague who vehemently verified that she belongs to the middle-middle income group. As a saving grace, she quipped, nevermindlah I’ll reach her income group one day. By the way, the average household income in Spore is supposedly about $3.5K. So am I lucky or unlucky? I shudder at the thought. Thank God, happiness is all about the state of mind and faith.

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