It’s nice to be important but it’s important to be nice

When we were younger, my sis and I bought for my dad a framed quotation for his birthday. It cost us, eight & seven year olds about $4. It was the trend then, ahhh those days were simpler and cheaper. Nonetheless, the words inscribed on it were priceless, it’s nice to be important but it’s important to be nice. I don’t know why we chose those words but heck; I guess we knew it was very important to be nice. Or maybe deep down we wanted our dad to be nicer to us when we quarrel; i.e. tak nak kena rotan. Anyway, dad put the framed quotation on the wall outside our room. On hindsight, maybe it was a reminder to us that if we wanted to be treated nicer by people, first we, ourselves have to be nice. That stuck to me till now.

Everyone wants to be important. Oh well, who doesn’t. However, on the way there, just remember that being nice will make it a pleasant journey for everyone. Having PR skills goes a long way at work and everywhere. A fren of mine, Jothy, is an epitome of this niceness. She constantly reminds me to be nice becos what goes round comes round. She’s Indian, obviously it’s about Karma. But hey, I’m a Muslim and Islam teaches us to be nice too. Thus, no matter how many bitches I meet each day, I will smile and doa for them. Errr, at least I try. After all, bitches just bark but doves fly high.


3 thoughts on “It’s nice to be important but it’s important to be nice

  1. Hi. Its me, Alina. Really do hope that one of the bitches that you are referring to is not me.My apologies for that snide comment. Bad day, wrong place, wrong time, wrong words. Feeble excuse yah… but thats the sorry truth.Peace?

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