Things to look forward to

Things to look forward to (or more like 1 thing to look forwaard to)

1.Ansar D&D @ Furama (Yes, simply becos by then, it would be saturday oredi!!!)
2. Ansar D&D @ Furama (Yes, the reason as above)
3. Ansar D&D@ Furama (Yes, I am that desperate for the week to end before it even starts)

Anyway, the good news for this week: I onie go to work 3 times (Mon, Tues & Fri)…yeah!
The bad news are: I have exams and a-50 page assignment to finish.

Tomorrow is ibu’s bday.I suspect she doesn’t enjoy celebrating her bday becos she gets a year older…oh well who does.I’m forever running a temperature…my hubby always says that’s why I’m hot (literally ler). Been popping panadol. Thus, I hope my siblings can plan for tomorrow cos simply I’m exhausted. What am I getting for ibu? Oh well, will bring her to make new specs. Boring? Oh well, I happen to be a practical person.

The weekend was spent in Punggol. I thanked frens and siblings who accompanied me so that I can clean and mop my home. Sigh, hubby dearest is not around for me to ask for help. Oh how I sooo miss my hubby’s presence that I spent my time juz staying in Punggol and not going out. Suddenly, I have no mood to go out. *forlorn looking eyes lingering at the black maria, the guitar*

Perservering and so looking forward to the Dinner&Doa. Yeah, I hope it will be fun.

Btw, hubby dearest will be out on a week’s field mission. Hence, he won’t be calling yours truly. I foresee darker clouds everywhere the chevy goes. Ya, ya, ya…I’m forever drama.

signing away,
the truly desperate housewife


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