Trying to cope

It’s been 4 days since the hubby left for aussie.Huh?! 4 days aje but how come macam lebih lama gitu.Sigh.Apa nak buat…
The wifey’s been crying before she goes to sleep (ibu kata,”orang lain pun sayang laki diaorang tapi takler macam ko…sebelum kahwin, nangis, dah kahwin pun masih nangis?!…*exit ibu*).Ok, ok, will have to get use to hubby going for reservist at least 8 more cycles…uhuk…uhuk…asal lak hubby masuk army…
Snippets of hubby’s phone conversation with
“Sayang, mahal tau buat panggilan direct. Abis
tu, I kena call you dan mama.Errr…”
Ok,ok I get the hint. So hubby dearest is not
going to call every day just like he wrote in his earlier posting. So who’s
going to call the wifey everyday? Mama, yup, hubby dearest asked mama to call
the wifey as a substitute for him daily to check on me. Sayang,

So what has the wifey been up to since she last bade goodbye to her hubby dearest besides crying?
1. Burying herself in assignments till late nites ( 1 down, 2 more to go)
2. On off being love sick & plain sick (fever)
3. Studying for exams next week (yeah! next week 2 days exam leave)
4. To and fro Jln Bahar more frequently for consultations @ borak-borak aje
5. Presentations in schools and at TN
6. Have presented a paper at DMM (yeah, once in a lifetime opp. & PS remembers me…or
vaguely maybe…or even by now has totally forgotten that I even existed)
7. Bought tix to PGL & BKK (hubby wants to buy a big vase juz like kakak eli’s, his cuz…come to
think of it, expensive vase if the price of air tix included…takperlah asal hubby hepi)
8. Driving aimlessly 99% of the time, listening to sappy music and before you know it, it starts
pouring…and a lot of emergency brakes along the way…from Buona Vista to Tampines = 2
hours…suddenly the cost of petrol juz escape the kemut wifey
9. Been to Punggol (spring cleaning) and back to Tampines
10. Nowadays, in office by 730am doing work and leaving office by 7pm.
Yeah, tomorrow is already Friday…can’t wait for the next Friday to pass.

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