Thank you & Good’day mates!!!

To my guests who attended Is & Zet’s perjumpaan hari raya, we thank you for coming & finishing up our food!!!Hope you enjoyed your visit. Thanks to Ibu & Mama for their food contributions, Ayah for leading the doa & Baba for expediting carpentry works in view of the event. Also a big appreciation to Keluarga Punggol 188 who supplied wonderful cakes & her”manpower” (herman + manpower…get it?!?!?hahaha) at the kitchen & buffet table.

Raya 2006 has ended for me and hope to see y’all next year. I will be off to “down under” serving the nation till the end of Nov. So expect this blog to be populated with “sad”, “missing-you”, “lonely” entries by the wifey in the coming days.

To my wifey: Take care dearest while I am away but worry not as I will be coming back soon and will be calling you daily (even when under enemy fire…macam betul aje).

Weather forecast at Punggol for the next 20 days: Dark skies with intermittent heavy downpour,”flash flood” expected at certain areas including Simei, Tampines & Punggol.

I’m off to catch my NZ flight at 0745 hrs…good’day mates!!!


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