Lights, camera action!

Episode title: Flavours of rice (P4, Social Studies…out next year!!!)
Segment: Nasi Lemak
Supporting Actors:
Zaiton Omar (the nasi lemak lady & grandma)
Abd Kadir Saleh (grandpa)
Herman & Diana (young couple)
Juliana & nadhirah (the kids to the young couple)
We thank
Is (for use of the house)
Zetty (for use of the kitchen & appliances)
Phew!What a day it was, yesterday.I appreciate my mom for being not as fierce as usual. Hahah, it was hard for her to slowly cook everything, knowing her style…chop…chop…in 15 minutes.There were times also I know, she wasn’t happy that the crew was capturing every movement that she felt very restricted…beads of perspiration were seen.It was tough with 5 other people watching you cook. Not forgetting there were hilarious moments not to be missed. This is part and parcel of production. So mommie dearest, this is what your daughter’s job entails…not that great huh…Next, there was the family eating scene. Kudos to Yan n Man for being such great sports. However, the unexpected star of the moment was nadhirah who is such a natural in front of the camera…hehehe. Sorry Iman, next time k. The bald look did not go well with me…hahaha. Anyway, must thank the parents of the child actresses who gave their consents, Cik Yati & Cik Mat. Thanks also to: Yan who helped me clear the dishes subsequently, my dearest husband who vacuumed the entire house (I am really sorry to my husband who actually wanted to be in the scene but I was not keen on it), Ayah, for fetching Julz (I will make the neccesary transport claims asap), Atiqa, for entertaining the kids, though Haziq managed to terlepas and tried to enter the scene involving his parents. Maybe next time eh, kalau Mak Long ada skrip yang sesuai untuk Haziq, Mak Long panggil k.

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