Dads and Daughters

Every father makes a huge difference in his daughter’s life. As the primary male role model in a girl’s life, fathers influence their daughters in profound ways, from how they see themselves to what they come to expect from men and the world at large. We don’t hear much talk about the influence of fathers on daughters. It’s much more common to hear about how girls are influenced by their mothers. But all it takes is a moment’s reflection to start realizing the huge impact fathers have on every one of their daughters.

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The way fathers act toward daughters and the other females in their life is what daughters will expect from boys and men. The same is true for attitudes, words, and beliefs. In all of these, fathers represent to daughters the richness, honor, and value of being a man. When fathers are true to their daughters and true to the best in their masculine heritage, daughters will learn to respect men and treat them as equals. They will learn to gravitate toward men who respect her and treat her as an equal, while turning away from men who threaten, violate, and abuse. That’s good for both a daughter and her father. Perhaps that’s what’s behind the old saying: When a girl grows up, she marries her father. Her life partner is very likely to reflect her dad’s characteristics. (Hmmmm…)
What I’ve learnt:
My father is my one role model as far as male, human behavior. And I really compare all other men in the world to my father. He is the most loving, the most accepting, the most honorable, the most responsible, the most nurturing-one of the greatest humanitarians I’ve ever known. He is the model that I judge all other men by-fair or not fair. Having this kind of relationship with him has given me a lot of trust, and it’s given me a lot of nurturing and guidance. That love and support and encouragement I had through those years, and continue to have, has made me a much stronger person.
Research demonstrates how important fathers are in the career and academic success of girls. Involved fathers show daughters ways to navigate the world outside the family, are role models of independence and competency, and are a moral anchor for them.
Moral of the story:
Inspire, Understand, and Support Your Daughter
P.S: I still have no idea what to give my dad for his bday next week…

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