Is has been sleeping for the past 12 hours. He is not well. He should be ok once he has had his 24 hours of sleep. Thus, Zetty is bored. For those who knows Zetty, this is a rare moment. I am not known for staying indoors.Even my mom can vouch that this daughter of hers can never duduk diam at home. I need to go out!!! But today is an exception. I will be at home to attend to my dearest husband’s needs. Nevertheless, I’m still bored. House chores and meals checked. I’ve even read 4 magazines. Aaaaargh… Anyway, a recap of the week that went by.Well it was a happening week for me. I was travelling from north-east-south-west-north-west of Singapore. Rushing to and fro locations. This week, my classes have started full force. I wish I could have done it full time and overseas. Part timing is never easy. But another scholarship would mean another bond. Yikes, the current bond still have yet to complete.One more year…yeah. Boss has been asking what’s my plan. My work review is still not completed. Corporate life has been tough, to stay on would mean a lot of sacrifices have to be made. The heart and soul cannot take it. I have 2 more years to decide. I missed my uni days. Those were the days, when I could just take off and go on 3 weeks trips on a shoestring budget. Well, I could do just that come November…when Is is away on reservist…*grin*… I could just hear my mom nagging me…but very far in the background…plans are in the making…;o)

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