The Letter

To person-in charge,

1. I refer to Notices of parking offence number: A5067214A, dated 15th July 2006 at 10.02am & A5062963B, dated 19th July 2006 at 12.10am & 5.15am.
I would like to appeal for the waiver of the above-mentioned notices.
2. I have no intention to park illegally as I have a season parking coupon displayed clearly.
On the night of 14th July 2006 at 10.45pm, my vehicle was parked at the loading/unloading lot opposite to BLK190. This was due to the unavailability of designated carpark lots at PL19 & PL24.
On the night of 18th July 2006 at 11.15pm, I parked my vehicle at the side road, next to the rubbish collection point due to the lack of car park lots AGAIN inclusive of the LOADING/UNLOADING lots and I did not expect XXX to require access to the service road twice in the wee hours. Please inform residents of such activities in advance.
3.This noon (19th July 2006), I made a call to Sengkang Branch office to appeal. I was advised to park my car at PL16. I find such advice irreverent. PL16 caters to Edgefield residents although PL16 also belongs
to carpark group G38. I believe this is an on-going problem for residents who own vehicles with carpark group G38.The designated carparks allocated to each block is unproportional to the number of
units in the vicinity
. I do not foresee the possibility of increasing the number of carpark lots even further based on the current landscape constraints. It is also not advisable to ask the residents to rush home
from work to get a carpark lot or wake up in the middle of the night to repark their car.
4. I hope that the management would consider the current situation before issuing fines to the residents of punggol central, bearing in mind that they have paid $90 for a sheltered carpark lot. For your information, I
am not even complaining the fact that I do not even have a lot to park my car even though I paid the monthly season coupon fee.Thus, I hope the management would come up with a solution to help the residents
and not burden the residents with fines of such nature. Residents are already stressed having to put up with finding space to park their cars whenever they reach home late from work.
5. Thank you for your kind consideration.I sincerely hope that the above explained circumstances are sufficient for the management to exercise their compassion & flexibility to waive the fees and provide solutions
to this ever on-going problem.
6. I appreciate the management taking time to look into this matter.

Frustrated Car Park Lot Finder who kena fined 3 times in 3 days
Co-owner of vehicle number SFRXXXXZ
Owner of residence “House with Car Park Shortages”


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