Kena saman lagi!

The wifey here…the husband is too angry to write becos he angry at gahmen for the samans he got this week…i mean how suay can one’s luck be…3 fines amounting to $300 in a matter of 3 days…the husband told the wifey to do the calling up for the waiver of fines…i dun do angry call ups…i do angry emails better under husband name (i’m a gahmen servant afterall ma)…thus, the husband is angry at the wifey becos the wifey refuse to join him,spouting expletives at the gahmen…so the husband will call up the (#$^&*) gahmen opis later and (*&^%$%#).

Thus, God, please forgive my husband.Amen.

Sumwhere out there in loyang…i bet the husband is still (#%I^&*^&$%%#)…what to do…this is wat happen to people who dun support gahmen ma…sigh…my husband, the WP supporter.


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