The jersey jinx…

After watching the Germans fall to the Italians, I am more convinced than ever before that all the defeats have one common thing..that is, I owned the jerseys of the defeated teams.

The Spainiards lost to France, the Dutch (anjing2 kompeni) lost to Portugal, Brazil lost to France & now the Germans. Not forgetting, England lost to Portugal too although I do not own an England jersey. England was never good enough anyways…must be the scandalous coach (lame excuse!!!)….;)

Assuming recent coincidences continues for subsequent World Cup matches, I am now seriously contemplating on which country’s jersey I should buy. France? Portugal? Italy? I would probably drop by Sportslink (Eastpoint) during lunchtime today and grab the cheapest jersey amongst the 3. I heard that Italy jerseys are being sold at a discount there…Buona fortuna, Italia.


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