It’s about time…

Hi, my fellow skazeiskians. It’s been a while since this blog was updated. Life has been pretty hectic since the Kapas trip. 4 days out of office and seems like 8 days worth of work piled up on the desk…gosh, the whole idea of being away is to let other people do the job for you in your absence, apparently that doesn’t happen at my workplace. “Covering up for your colleague” is a non-existent phrase there.Anyway, here is the long due version of the roadtrip that me and THE wife went to last month. Why Dil To Pagal Hai???My wife says I’m a bonafide closet BOLLYWOOD wannabe. Well, she can say whatever but I’d like to think myself more of portuguese/latino descent…and oh by the way….GO PORTUGAL & GERMANY, BOOHOO to ENGLAND & ITALY!!!! (I gez this statement will effectively get me into the uninvited list of watching World Cup @ BLK 188 ever)

Adeus, Auf Wiedersehen, Arrivederci, Goodbye….


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