The Great Singapore Sale…

Historically, the Great Singapore Sale did not have any impact on me….well, all that changed today. I must say, it had a lot to do with being married. Me & my wife went on a shopping spree today, an unintentional one.

We planned to drop by Specialist Shopping Centre for some window shopping but here’s a list of things we ended up buying at the end of the day:

1. TV Console set @ P&R
2. Buffet Table @ P&R
3. A rectangular pan @ JL
4. A pot @ JL
5. Speaker for the PC @ MC
6. Marketing stuffs @ MC
7. Shoe Bag, ankle support, shaver (His & Hers..:)) @ MC
8. Cranberry juice for my mother-in-law @ MC
9. A pair of Charles & Keith shoe @ PP
10. A TV from Best Denki @ PP

The financial impact of unplanned shopping was S$ 3k++….sigh, what a day!!!!


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