Senin nan biru…

Today has been an extremely sleepy Monday. Slept late last night…hmmm, I shall leave it just that. Any further details would attract taglines such as those from a certain i-gallop enthusiast aka rms….hehehe. Anyways, as usual my morning work started with a meeting followed by another meeting, followed by yet another offline discussion (equivalent of meeting) uptill lunchtime. Yes, yes…for those of you who are puzzled by my work routine, fear not as I am puzzled too. Since the change in top management, working life has been full of meetings. I have developed a rare but serious fear of checking my Outlook calendar of what is known as the illness called “emailophobia” – a certain kind of disease that causes one to shun away from the Outlook icon on the desktop.¬†Nonetheless, the doc says that the cure is simple. A daily dose of tender loving care from the wifey will energise the body immune system & trigger a sudden burst of ooozing machismo throughout the day, which is essential in one’s survival.

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