Of ALL the flowers in the world, why this flower was picked…A story of a beetle & his flower

Today, Uncle JJ asked an interesting question over brunch at Simpang Bedok. The question was:”Aper sebab kau suka dia ni (aka My Wife)?”

The reason is simple. However, this does not suggest the route to this reason was just as simple. Being the “beetle” (The kumbang), many sorts of flowers (The bunga-bunga) attracted it. Flowers that come in many shapes, sizes & smells. Sometimes these flowers are groomed and sometimes they are left to grow in the wild. Both has its sets of attraction. The groomed are pleasant to look at, looks nice, smells nice & will be welcomed any time by Father Beetle & Mother Beetle.

The wild flowers….hmmm…as the descrption suggests, can bring beetle’s wildest fantasy to reality – all those steamy scenes from movies & TV shows (such as Bay Watch, Silk Stalkings,etc) starts to engulf the imagination of the lonely beetle. However, bringing the wild flower to introduce to Father Beetle & Mother Beetle can be a challenge unless Father Beetle & Mother Beetle belongs to the catergory of “Ibu Bapa Hanyut”.

Anyways, to cut the “Flower & Beetle” short. The beetle decided to reference his decision based on the Truth. The Messenger (PBUH) said that a woman (The Flower) is often married primarily for 4 reasons (1)beauty, (2)wealth, (3)social rank & (4)religion. In the case of this beetle, it finally decided that, even though the wild flowers would be an interesting experience, its wildness can only last for so long. Over time, the wild attributes perish as age overtakes its capabilities to re-enact those steamy scenes from movies & TV shows (such as Bay Watch, Silk Stalkings,etc). What will be left then? The beetle does not know the answer to that so it relied upon the teachings of the Messenger (PBUH).

To bring the reason for choosing her (my Wife) into perspective, comparing her attributes with the 4 reasons, she fits them all. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ( babe of the month for 2 mths at work), her wealth is in her character, she comes from a good family and last but most determining factor of all is her Religion. As what was learned in Kursus Rumahtagga, The True Religion will help achieve Keluarga Cemerlang in this life and the afterlife.Insya’Allah.

In spite of the reasons stated above, the beetle & flower still have their wild adventures.


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