Is just don’t get it….

As the saying goes, “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars“…well at least they know their origins. However, incidents in the past week suggests Men might know they originated from Mars but I am quite certain that Men don’t really know Venus. A lot have been discovered about Venus and it’s inhabitants but there are even more that remain mysteries.Perhaps, this is for the good of MANkind ….;).For example, for no apparent reason(s), woman (aka My Wife) transcends into a state of unfathomed sadness. In layman’s term, “Aper sey?!?!?”. I wish to quote more examples on this post but that would mean a very long post (even though it was a short week…get the hint?).Nevertheless, those who transcended into the state of sadness will get out of it with no logical or scientific reason(s). Actions from man (aka Me) can suddenly lift her out of this state. Afterall, man (aka Me) is woman’s (aka My Wife’s) Power, Pleasure & PAIN…and I still don’t get it.


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