A new beginning…

Today marks the start of a new beginning for me, at my workplace. Dialogues have been going on for months before allocating me to another department as a reward for my job performance thus far. How ironic is this – you get more work for doing a good job? Looking at the big picture (as my boss would say), it’s a win-win situation for everyone. I get more exposure and my boss gets to leverage on me to improve the cell by utilizing the various improvement tools available at his disposal. Does that mean more pay? Well, at this moment no one said anything about any pay increment…perhaps at the end of the year though. They(companies) always do this sort of things. Rewards come only after results but what if they don’t? WIFM?(What’s in it for me?) Find a new challenge? To reap better, deserving rewards? As Zetty would say, LIFE is not about rewards. That was/is the main reason she chosed me….Wait a minute, that doesn’t seem quite rite?!?!?

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